Alumni Trip to Peru, Summer 2013

led by Mark Vecchio

with optional prequel in Lima

Where Earth Meets Stars:

Sacred Landscape atop the

Peruvian Andes


Machu Picchu, the “Lost City of Inca” (below, right), has been described as the most spectacular archaeological site in the world, built as it is on a 7,000-foot peak where earth meets sky. The Inca landscape was a sacred space, structured in alignments of “huacas”—mountains, springs, rocks, and shrine deities—integrally connected in a lunar-stellar calendar. Inca priest-astronomers read and spoke the sky, aligning natural and human-fashioned markers that radiated out to the horizons from the city of Cusco, the navel of the universe. We’ll explore these and other sites in depth, a mythic landscape in which the world above and below looks like a living spiritual organism and behaves like a moving tapestry of dreams. An optional prequel in Lima will take us to the Pachacamac complex and a fabulous restaurant with pyramids in its backyard.

The emphasis will be on savoring rather than collecting sites. There will be time for relaxing, wandering, journaling and drawing, and especially conversing.


Since 1996 Mark Vecchio has organized and led interdisciplinary study-abroad tours for Simon’s Rock students. These tours focus on the ancient world, and play with ways of perceiving and experiencing that enrich appreciation, wonder, meaning, and knowledge.



Machu Picchu—the “Lost City of Inca”

Cusco—puma-shaped city, the center of the four-quartered world, aligned with the Milky Way; local sites include Quenqo, Coricancha, and Sacsayhuaman with its lightning-shaped, megalithic walls

The Sacred Valley—including Ollantaytambo

Pachacamac—“the One Who Animates the World”: adobe pyramids, the Temple of the Sun, and the House of the Chosen Women



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Trip Dates
• Lima (optional prequel; Lima-Cusco-Lima airfare included) 6/12–6/15/13 $  885
Main Trip: Cusco and Machu Picchu 6/15–6/23/13 $2,995

For more information and to register for this trip, visit and click on the llama at Machu Picchu.