In the Footsteps of the Gods:
A Mythological Tour of Greece & Turkey

Course Description:

OFCP 308: In the Footsteps of the Greek Gods (3 credits)
How tantalizing that the site of ancient Troy, where Paris and Helen loved and Achilles and Hector fought, was actually uncovered in the late 19th century. Archaeologically speaking, Troy (the modern village of Hisarlık, Turkey) is a historic site, yet two-thirds of its construction was supposedly accomplished by the gods Apollo and Poseidon. The Trojan War marked the devastation of the heroic age nearly half a millennium before Homer, and the ruins there sit Sphinx-like on the very threshold between history and prehistory. In this post-spring-term course abroad we will walk into Priam’s Troy, as well as Artemis’s temple at Ephesus (one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World), Agamemnon’s citadel at Mycenae, the oracle at Delphi, ancient Olympia, and the Parthenon in Athens. Through readings and on-site discussions we will consider how cities were situated and temples constructed in response to a divine landscape. Our goal will be to rediscover the Greek myths as telling the story of that landscape and the gods and heroes who once walked it.

    Prerequisite: permission of the instructors (Mark Vecchio, Wendy Shifrin); preparatory study of the Greek mythological tales.

    Enrollment cap: 12 students.

    Concentrations this course fits in: Art History; Cultural Studies; European Studies; Gender Studies; History; Literary Studies; Philosophy, Religion, and Theory; Psychology.

    Required Texts: P. Olalla & A. Priego, Mythological Atlas of Greece; Edward Tripp, Meridian Handbook of Greek Mythology; Walter Burkert, Greek Religion.

    Academic Requirements: Participation, detailed trip journal, final project based on readings and field work, substantial process paper. The final project + process paper will be due no later than June 30th.

    Tuition: $3,995, which covers round-trip airfare, all accommodations, one meal per day (breakfast), travel within and between Turkey and Greece (except for checked luggage fees), and all course-related tours and lectures; it does not include travel to or from U.S. airports, meals after breakfast ($30–40/day), books ($125–175), laundry (coins), or spending money.